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When Krystn’s son Elliott was born, she expected her life to change — but not like this. Baby Elliott had severe eczema and over 50 allergies...

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Mobile Bay Magazine

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. When a child has a necessity, we know his mother will go to great lengths to invent a solution. That’s the story behind Keller Works, Mobile’s up-and-coming natural skincare company...

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Yellowhammer News

When Krystn Keller’s three-month-old son Elliott developed a rash on his face, she was told that it was just standard baby eczema and should go away if she switched laundry detergent. However...

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My Momish Moments

When it comes to finding healthy and safe products for our little ones, there is no greater priority. For this mama, beauty boss, and founder of Keller Works, Krystn Keller, finding options came with even greater urgency.

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Beauty Independent

“Elliot was focused so much on relieving the itch that he wasn’t reaching milestones properly,” recounts Elliott’s mother Krystn in a YouTube video documenting the backstory of her sensitive skin-oriented brand Keller Works.

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